Paris Concours

In 1900, the musicologist Constant Pierre published numerous historical documents of the Paris Conservatoire in his book Le Conservatoire National de Musique et de Déclamation. Among them are (incomplete) lists of works from the annual competitions held in the various instrumental classes. In these competitions, students could show their artistic and technical progress. Those who won a first prize had completed their studies.
Our project “Paris Concours” presents all works for the simple system flute. There are 21 works in the period from 1824 to 1859 plus the work from 1860, the “leap year” in which Jean-Louis Tulou was succeeded by Vincent Dorus and students switched to the Boehm flute. Each of the works will be recorded on a different original French flute. Watch the video and find more information about the works, the flutes and the former students by clicking on the links below.

1824 – Berbiguier, 5me Concerto
1832 – Tulou, 1er Grand Solo
1835 – Tulou, 2d Grand Solo
1837 – Tulou, 3e Grand Solo
1838 – tulou, 4e Grand Solo
1839 – Tulou, 5e Grand Solo
1840 – Tulou, 6e Grand Solo
1841 – Tulou, 7e Grand Solo
1842 – Tulou, 8e Grand Solo
1844 – Tulou, 10e Grand Solo
1846 – Tulou, 12e Grand Solo
1847 – Tulou, 13e Grand Solo
1849 – Tulou, 14e Grand Solo
1853 – Tulou, Fantaisie sur Marco Spada op. 101

in preparation:

1843 – Tulou, 9e Grand Solo
1845 – Tulou, 11e Grand Solo
1851 – Tulou, Air varié Op. 99
1856 – Tulou, Fantaisie sur Il Trovatore Op. 105
1858 – Tulou, Plaisir d’Amour – Fantaisie Op. 106
1859 – Tulou, 15e Grand Solo
1860 – Tulou, 5e Concerto (excerpts)